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О себе: kristiannairn I am a Lucky guy. Touring all over the world and loving it. 🙌🏻 Buy & Stream ‘Life Is Too Short’ - Out Now on @zerothreemusicofficial 👇🏻

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Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

El Paso! 🙌 . I’ll be concluding my #EvolutionTour with YOU at @lowbrowpalace tonight 🔊It's been so special to tour the USA again and share my love of music with you.. you've been amazing 🖤 . Get your tickets from my story!

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

San Marcos!🔊 . You were amazing, thanks so much to everyone who came and @themarcsm 🙌 📷 @samhickey.photo . Next 👉🏻 Dallas Tonight for the penultimate show of my #EvolutionTour

Официальный инстаграм Кристиан Нэрн

San Marcos 🥳 . I’ll be rocking @TheMarcSM tomorrow night for one of the last shows of my Evolution Tour of the USA 🔊 . Get your tickets here ➡️ http://bit.ly/KN_TheMarcSM

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Seeing double? 👥 . Who else enjoyed these at @GrandBoston on Sunday? 👀 . #EvolutionTour #RaveOfThrones #KristianOnTour

Dallas! 🤠 . I’m playing at @itlldoclub this Friday as I continue my #EvolutionTour 🙌 . Get your tickets from the link on my story 👆

I canNOT tell you what a privilege it was and is to stand alongside this group of people. All amazing people, and a good lot I hope to be friends with, with a shared experience, for the rest of my life. It’s been amazing to be Hodor for you guys. The big guy changed my life forever. Enjoy the final season my friends. I can’t imagine what’s it’s going to be like when the final episode is finally over !! So weird. Can’t wait to see what everyone goes on to do, and I can’t wait to do what’s next and bring my music 🎧 and other assorted projects to the world. Love to you all and thank you for the support ALWAYS. OH, and .. “Hodor!!?!” @gameofthrones #gameofthrones #season8 #hodor

On the right , I’m really lucky to have got work with the amazing @joshuakanebespoke on the suit . Really loved the process, and I’m looking forward to the next !! And on the left an amazing pair of rimless spec from @retrospecsandco . Thank you guys. @blackcatstyling #gameofthrones #season8 #premiere #mensfashion #custom

The left is a watch I just love from @bellandrossworld . And on the right is @stepheneinhorn ‘s legendary large gold skull ring , which I’ve also been wearing a lot on tour :) thank you guys @blackcatstyling #gameofthrones #season8 #premiere #mensfashion #custom

These are both custom pieces by Australian and now LA also based @atonalgoldsmiths . They are very inventive and skilled goldsmiths , and it was great to work on these with them :) @blackcatstyling #gameofthrones #season8 #premiere #mensfashion #custom

Happy @GameofThrones day people . I’m sure you are all going to Love the first episode !! I’ve had a lot of people asking about what I wore last week for the premier . So the next few posts, I’m gonna break it down and thank the people involved ! These two great pieces are by @julezbryant , the left is a unique “Ghostrider” pendant , and the right is her No.1 ring in a very large size for my massive mitts. Thank you Julez, they have been keeping me company on tour also !! @blackcatstyling #gameofthrones #season8 #premier #mensfashion #custom

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